Our Approach

The Bespoke Strategies team constructs all-weather portfolios that should protect in challenging markets and participate in stronger market environments. Our team manages portfolios in a disciplined manner to reflect each client’s unique investment objectives, risk tolerance, spending needs and liquidity requirements.

We believe that sound asset allocation and manager selection coupled with appropriate concentration and risk management should lead to outperformance.

Asset Allocation. Portfolios are structured to protect and compound capital. Assets may be allocated to both public and private investments and will be sufficiently diversified among asset classes to incorporate uncorrelated sources of return.

Manager Selection. Generating alpha through manager selection is crucially important in achieving our clients’ objectives, particularly in low-return environments. Our rigorous manager selection and due diligence process must yield conviction in a manager’s ability and skill to generate strong investment performance while appropriately managing risk.

Concentration. We allocate only to those managers in whom our confidence is high. Our objective is to concentrate portfolios in our highest conviction ideas so that each manager’s performance contributes to portfolio returns in a meaningful manner.

Risk Management. We are keenly focused on measuring and managing market, manager and liquidity risks using quantitative tools and qualitative judgment at the manager and portfolio levels.