Our Edge

Experience. Members of the Bespoke team have actively managed long-lived pools of capital and worked on the investment staffs of large university endowments. Importantly, we have first-hand experience serving in leadership positions with numerous non-profit boards and investment committees.

Team Approach. Our collaborative culture fosters intellectual debate, frequent communication and an efficient decision-making process.

Independence. As an independent, employee-owned organization, our firm is free of conflict from a parent, subsidiary or affiliated organization, allowing us to retain complete control of our organizational structure.

Aligned Interests. The firm’s principals and key employees have invested a significant amount of capital alongside our clients. As a privately-held organization, we focus on managing investment and operational risks in a manner that is aligned with our clients.

Access. Our team has access to top performing, capacity constrained managers. We have established strong and lasting relationships throughout the investment community and meet regularly with managers across the spectrum from long-tenured to newly-launched.

Boutique Approach. The size of our organization offers an efficient and flexible operating structure designed to achieve outstanding investment results for our clients. We are large enough to have access, but small enough to concentrate portfolios in our highest conviction ideas.

Tailored Solutions. We offer an investment structure which affords each client the ability to tailor portfolio structure and asset allocation to reflect unique investment objectives, risk tolerance, and liquidity requirements.

Transparency. We communicate in an open and informative manner, providing clients with confirmation that portfolio strategy is executed in accordance with investment guidelines. Our fully transparent reporting allows our clients to gain an in-depth understanding of the investment portfolio, underlying managers and associated fees.